Virtual Wine Events & Speaking


The world has been completely turned upsidedown!

Virtual tastings are the “new normal”.

Let Fred customized a Virtual Tasting event for your team, clients, or special event!


Fred Dex brings his wine expertise to virtual and in-person wine & food events, dinners, culinary classes, and corporate functions throughout the world. He is known to be one of the most energetic and entertaining wine speakers around. Let Fred educate your attendees, dazzle your diners, and bring wine knowledge to your next event.

Wine Events and Speaking Wine Events and Speaking

Private and Corporate Wine Events
Fun, down-to-earth, and extremely knowledgable, Fred will create the ultimate private event experience. You will learn and laugh as you discover new and amazing facts about wine and beverages.

  • Create a fun and educational wine experience for corporate business entertaining
  • Treat your friends or clients with a private wine experience with Master Sommelier Fred Dex!

Wine Receptions, Lunches & Dinners
Fred will create themes and select an array of delicious wines to serve at meetings, receptions, lunches, and/or dinners. Wines can be moderately priced or rare and very expensive. He will personally source all wines for each event from top importers and distributors. The selected wines will pair perfectly with each food course and be designed to meet any budget. With his vast knowledge of wines of the world, he can tailor the selections to specific themes or taste preferences.

  • Wine selection & sourcing
  • Pairing wines with foods from around the globe
  • Personal guest interaction and conversation

Breakout Programs

Fred can speak about a number of different wine topics in breakout programs/sessions. Here are a few of his most popular talks.

Color and Wine
Fred has created the ultimate objective way to learn how to taste and trust your senses by using wines rainbow of colors. By simply using a color path, Fred guides guests through green, yellow, orange, ruby red, and purple wines to create a fascinating tasting experience. Fred takes great delight in matching the wines and colors with possibilities that are limited only by one’s imagination.
Possibilities include explorations into the famous regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italy, and California, as well as lesser-known grape varieties and regions.

Geek Out!
Fred is always on the hunt for new, interesting, and exotic wines aka Geek Juice. He takes pride in finding off the beaten path wines at incredible values and sharing them with friends and clients. Here’s your chance to step out of your everyday glass and into a new realm of deliciousness. This tasting highlights lesser-known regions in France, Italy & Spain and delves into lesser-known winemaker countries such as Portugal, Croatia, and Hungary.

The Players
Many people haven’t had the opportunity to experience truly great wines—wines that, once tasted, become indelible experiences of a lifetime. Because of this, Fred takes great pride in choosing some of the most iconic wines in the world. Possibilities include explorations into the famous regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italy, and California.

  • Comparative International tastings: here the best of California is compared with the same grape variety from France in order to see the stylistic differences between them.
  • Horizontal tastings: ie. wines from different wine producers all focused on one vintage
  • Vertical tastings: ie. a series of wines from the same wine producer from different vintages

Wines are chosen according to the budget of the client, and in some cases are shipped in from the source.