Six Tips for Crushing it on

Six Tips for Crushing Your E-Commerce Wine Purchasing in 2021 on!

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More people than ever bought their wine online in 2020. As someone who hosts many Virtual Wine Tastings and needs to get wines to people all over the US, has been an easy way for people around the country to share the same wines. Here are a few quick hacks on how to get the most out of They have the widest and most diverse selection with the best pricing.

1. Buy the free shipping – StewardShip

Why? Because it’s the best $50 you’ll spend all year. If you want to try something that you can’t find at your local store, it will get delivered to your front door, and eliminating the shipping will wipe out the highest extra cost. They will also offer special one-time deals for members.

2. Use the Rating & Price Slider

The Rating & Price Slider is everything. Sort by the grape, region, or style you like (Red, White, Sparkling, etc…), slide it to the price you want, and see what you discover. For example, start with wines $25 and under and go on a little adventure. 

3. Sort by Most Interesting 

Everybody wants to be popular, but in reality, everybody wants to be more interesting. And so it goes with wine. Interesting wines are more fun. Everyone wants to be their friend. They get invited back to the next party. Sort this way, and you will get past the popular stuff and go straight to the wine you absolutely want to hang out with, meeting new friends easily along the way.

4. Use the Chat Box 

There are actually certified sommeliers and wine experts on the other end who can help! Tell them what you like, your price point, and where you live, then let them make some suggestions. I’ve used this function, and there are some great pros on the other side! 

5. Read the reviews at the bottom of each wine.

Wine writers actually do an outstanding job. Don’t just look at the score. Read their thoughts and compare. Wines are more than just a number. Reading reviews will help you develop a vocabulary of your own. I would even suggest printing them out, get the wine, and play along as you drink it to see if you agree with the review. You’ll be surprised at how much you can intuitively learn about wine by doing this.

6. Participate

Jump in the game. When you taste something, put down a few words on the screen and rate it on the site. An excellent way to do this is to download the app. Take a photo of your bottle and give it a simple rating, and it will help you keep track of what you’ve tasted, bought, and like/don’t like. But it will also help you become part of a community where you can find new friends and new wines to drink. Let wine become more than just a drink, but a vehicle for new adventures.

Enjoy your new find freedom in finding fun new wines! 

Cheers! 🥂

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