Wine Ambassador

letstalk_2Fred Dex has been a Wine Ambassador to some of the finest wine-producing regions in the world! As Wine Ambassador, Fred has worked with many diverse wine regions and agencies including Wines of Chile USA, IVSO (Wines of Southwest France), IGP Pays d’Oc, Wines of Toro, Vini Portugal, Wines of Argentina, Wines of Macedonia, Wines of Campania and more.

Fred is an engaging and entertaining speaker as well as a savvy marketing strategist. His aim is to assist each and every client on maximizing their bandwidth to the targeted audience.  Nearly 20 years of experience and travel throughout the US and the world have offered Fred an unparalleled network.  Whether you are looking to reach out to consumers, media or trade, Fred’s your guy!

If you are interested it talking to Fred about representing you, please click here.

Wine Ambassador

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