Sauvignon Blanc, “Max”, Errazuriz, 2018, Aconcagua Valley, Chile  

Sauvignon Blanc, Max”, Errazuriz, 2018, Aconcagua Valley, Chile  

Texture: Medium body with zesty energy.

If you know and love Sauvignon Blanc, chances are you are fans of wines from New Zealand, but did you know that Chile has been making Sauvignon Blanc from coastal vineyards for the past decade? The wines are a touch richer but have the same flavor fireworks as those New Zealand wines. Easy and breezy, pair this with your favorite Michael McDonald yacht rock,Sauvignon Blanc Errazuriz and you’ll feel the wind from the sea on your face.

What youll taste: Sweet lime, Granny Smith Apple, fresh herbs, and a touch of sea-salty air.

Food pairing: Perfect with your favorite sushi roll. Goes best with Hamachi Tuna Roll or Salmon.

Price: $15.99

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