Mourvèdre “Lower East,” Gramercy Cellars, 2017, Columbia Valley

Mourvèdre “Lower East,” Gramercy Cellars, 2017, Columbia Valley

Texture: Dark and dense, with chewy tannins and pepper acidity.

Over the last decade, the state of Washington has been producing some of the most incredible wines in the world. At one point, there were just a handful of wineries. Now, there are over 1,000. The opportunities to produce great wines in Washington are limitless.

My friend and fellow master sommelier, Greg Harrington, quit his cushy NYC beverage director job a decade ago and moved to Walla Walla, Washington, a place smaller than a small town. Armed with the knowledge of buying thousands of wines a year, he took his incredible palate on an adventure to the Pacific Northwest to create Gramercy Cellars. His winemaking evolution has been extraordinary. Never one to follow the rules, this bullish wine made from the unique grape Mourvèdre showcases his vision for wines of Washington in the future.

What You’ll Taste: Dark cherries, fruit leather, peppercorn, cured meats, violets, and touches of green spices 

Food Pairing: Red wine-braised short ribs with herb-roasted root veggies

Price: $28:00

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