Cabernet Sauvignon, Mirror Napa Valley, 2017, Oakville

Cabernet Sauvignon, Mirror Napa Valley, 2017, Oakville

Texture: Decadent, layered, and rich, with plush, silky tannins

The newest release from Mirror Napa Valley and former NFL and Notre Dame quarterback Rick Mirer are like a perfectly executed two-minute drive. Mirer’s All-Star collaboration with seasoned winemaker Kirk Venge makes this 2017 Cabernet tough to beat. This small production Cab is out of Oakville, the heart of Napa Valley. Every glass is bold, explosive, and complex—like a high-octane NFL offense. Well done, gentlemen!

What You’ll Taste: Dark and juicy blackcurrants, cassis, candied violets, sweet black licorice, and sandalwood. 

Food Pairing: Dry-aged pan-smashed burger with bacon, cheddar, and spiced aioli

Price: $95

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