What is Milk Punch?

Milk Punch is one of the most amazingly interesting beverage on the planet!

Check out this series of fun and educational vids on my YouTube channel “Drinking with the Juiceman” Subscribe Here on the subject of Milk Punch! This beverage has incredible history and has been experiencing a resurgence amongst top bartenders in the past few years. 

I was recently joined by aficionados Eamon Rockey of Rockey’s Milk Punch and Whisky Expert Gareth Howells Ambassador to Dewars Scotch to break down this fabled drink! 

Check this series of 5 short videos on Milk Punch below… 


Fred Dex MS – The Juiceman

Milk Punch – Episode 1 with Eamon Rockey of Rockey’s Milk Punch

Milk Punch – Episode 2 – Introducing Whiskey Guru Gareth Howells

Milk Punch – Episode 3 – How Much Booze to Use and Ageability

Milk Punch – Episode 4 – The Moment of Truth – Curdling and Clarification

Milk Punch – Episode 5 – The Finale where we taste the Dewars Milk Punch!

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