Harmony by Boyz II Men Interview

Boyz II Men are one of the top-selling musical artists of ALL TIME!

They’ve sold millions of records, topped the Billboard Charts, have won multiple Grammy’s, and now have joined the wine business with Harmony by Boyz II Men.

I recently sat down with the Boyz; Shawn, Wanya, and Nate to taste through the wines, their journey in the music industry, the partnership with Château Auguste, and winemaker Damien Landouar!

Click here to jump to the YOUTUBE vid! They were all so gracious with their time! 

Tasting w/ Boyz II Men!

There are three colors in the mix, white, rosé, and red. 

The rosé and red are 100% Organically Farmed and have music and sounds called Genodics played to the vines daily, which help their overall balance, health, and harmony! 

Harmony by Boyz II Men

The interview is in-depth, but we couldn’t edit it for the world!

Please enjoy this conversation with these legendary hitmakers.

Pour the Wine, Light the Fire!

It’s Harmony Time!

Cheers! 🤘🍷❤️🌈

Fred Dex, MS

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