Dry Riesling, “Classique”, Forge, 2018, Finger Lakes, NY 

Dry Riesling, “Classique,” Forge, 2018, Finger Lakes, NY 

Texture: Medium-plus weight, unctuous with lively acidity, and freshness.

You read that right: Dry Riesling. Most folks know Riesling as a sweet grape variety, but this Riesling is more Burgundy than Germany. Led by one of the great winemakers from the Rhône, this partnership of three visionary winemakers from the Finger Lakes has changed Rieslings how the Jimi Hendrix Experience changed rock n’ roll. Meet the new school Riesling, where the sugar has been fermented into booze, creating a dry style. 

What you’ll taste: This rich and round Riesling has flavors of exotic citrus, mandarin orange, apricot, chamomile, and touches of anise.

Food pairing: Bratwurst with beer-braised onions.

Price: $18.00

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