Champagne Brut, “Cuvée St. Anne”, Chartogne-Taillet, NV, France 

Champagne Brut, “Cuvée St. Anne”, Chartogne-Taillet, NV, France 

Texture: Rich, bold, creamy, and persistent.

Most people know Veuve-Clicquot and bigger Champagne brands, but there’s a whole other world of smaller Champagne producers called Grower Champagne ( aka Farmer Fizz). What does this mean? It means that the producer grows and produces its own wines. Most Champagne’s that we know and love buy their grapes from a variety of farmers. In this case, these farmers grow their own grapes and create their own wine to bring incredible value to the glass! Tasting Grower Champagnes of this ilk are like the first time you saw a Tarantino film. This producer is your entree into the auteur world of indie Champagnes. It’s frenetic, mind-blowing, and you walk away wondering how they made that?

What you’ll taste: Baked apples, lemon curd, smokey mineral, oyster shell, and Pillsbury biscuits

Food Pairing: Dry-aged burger on brioche with truffle-oil French fries

Price: $48.99

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