Sorting Out Organic Grapes vs. Organic Wine! From the Drinking with the Juiceman Newsletter…Subscribe Here What is Organic Wine? I am frequently asked what it means when a wine is “organic.” Here’s a fundamental way to understand what it means. There is a difference between “organically grown” grapes and wines that are “organically made.”, Read More

The Eyes Have It!  As someone that has led thousands of tastings, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people close their eyes as they taste wine, expecting that it will heighten the sense of taste. Let me propose that you open your eyes and give the wine a good look. Understanding, Read More

Cabernet Sauvignon, Mirror Napa Valley, 2017, Oakville Texture: Decadent, layered, and rich, with plush, silky tannins The newest release from Mirror Napa Valley and former NFL and Notre Dame quarterback Rick Mirer are like a perfectly executed two-minute drive. Mirer’s All-Star collaboration with seasoned winemaker Kirk Venge makes this 2017 Cabernet tough to beat., Read More