Rx Wine Lab Project!

As this new website finally launches into existence I am super excited to announce my newest project!  A one of a kind wine bar & education center called Rx Wine Lab!  The plan is to open right in the heart of downtown Durham in a space on Parrish St.  Parrish St. currently doesn’t have a whole lot going on but within the next two years it’s going to blow up with the arrival of 21C Hotel alongside other high end hotels and residential buildings.  Rx the name is a nod to “City of Medicine” and a nod to it’s use in medicine throughout history.  Our motto is “Wine is the Best Medicine”.  Hippocrates himself thought so too!

Rx will have two concepts.  The first is a full on wine bar with 12 bar seats and 30 dining seats.  The second is a new concept to Durham in the form of a wine education and event space.  The space will seat 20 students per class and 30 standing for events.  The focus is community and creating a space with killer knowledgeable friendly service (my 2 partners are also excellent sommeliers).  The wines will be sourced from our local wine importer friends and winemaker friends from around the globe.  Food will be sourced from as many Durham farmers, cheese makers, bakers, butchers etc…as we can possibly work with.  The design and buildout will employ as many local artists, builders, welders, and other artisans as we can mine out to help us with our vision.

As the only Master Sommelier in the state and in Durham I am very excited to have the opportunity to serve this community with the highest level of service we can offer.  We also plan on having a damn good time doing so and want every one of our guests to have a great time while making their palates dance with fermented goodness.

Music will be a very important element to us and we will have popup themed music nights complete with recommended wine pairings.  We aim to ROCK YOUR WINE WORLD on a nightly basis!

We have raised our initial funds and have started a Kickstarter campaign as well as looking for a few wine loving investors to complete the funding for this project.

Durham is a very happening city and we want to help make it even more happening with a place where everybody knows your name and there’s always something liquid for every taste and occasion!

Stay tuned on the website for more details, pictures and other progress on this awesome project!


Fred Dex MS

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